Extracting essential oils from citrus fruits

All the colours and aromas of Sicily in every drop

The production of essential oils has always been the essence of our business with an exclusive focus on the global B2B market. Over the years, we have scaled up the industry with great commitment, perseverance and determination, acquiring thousands of customers worldwide who use our essential oils to bring their products to life on a daily basis.

Ever reliable and dynamic, we use nothing but the very best raw materials to produce essential oils of the highest quality at truly competitive prices. We offer 100% pure, natural products, as well as specialities tailored to the needs of individual customers. From the most precious citrus cultivars, we cold press essential oils of extraordinary quality, encompassing all the colours and aromas of Sicily in every drop. We also offer an organic line, and can supply all our products in colourless, distilled, concentrated, terpeneless and furocoumarin-free versions. Our citrus essential oils are highly valued at the international level and are applied in a variety of fields, including food and drink, perfumes and fragrances, cosmetics and aromatherapy.

Our manufacturing processes combine the experience gained over a century with the most innovative modern technologies. Since 2020, we have been using a fully automated production line to produce samples for customers’ pre-sales inspections in a very short space of time. Our in-house R&D division adds value to our offering by continually improving production processes, product specifications and the quality of our end products. We follow strict control protocols and have a modern testing laboratory managed by experienced and competent technical staff. Our mission is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, whether they are large multinationals requiring tonnes of essential oils or small businesses that only need them in small quantities.


We have obtained and maintain numerous system and product certifications. Our essential oils are Kosher and Halal certified and can be included in products used by Jews and Muslims, as well as Hindus, vegetarians, vegans and allergy sufferers, who choose these products not just for religious reasons but for their inherent quality.