Ethics and principles

Our growth is based on four pillars: reliability, responsibility, transparency and respect

Ethics and principles

Our growth is based on four pillars: reliability, responsibility, transparency and respect

Values, tradition and future vision

We have always nurtured the values on which our Company was founded in 1922: love for our land, passion for our work, continuous innovation of processes and technologies, transparency in commercial relations with suppliers and customers, quality of products, social responsibility, enhancement of human resources, respect for workers' rights, and fair conduct.
Today, after 100 years in business, these values are more relevant than ever. They guide the actions of our Management, whose balanced approach and strategic vision have consolidated the Company’s positioning on the international stage, laying the foundations for the construction of a new, larger, more innovative plant, driven by sustainability in environmental and energy terms to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future with confidence.

Innovation and technology

Despite our century-long experience in our field, we constantly seek to innovate our manufacturing processes to achieve better products that fully meet our customers’ needs. Our highly qualified R&D team relies on professionals with a background in university research. We develop “tailor-made” products and produce them rapidly through a fully automated production line that operates 24x7.
We believe that combining technological innovation with traditional know-how, passed down through four generations of entrepreneurs, is a key to our successful response to the evolutions of an increasingly dynamic and competitive global market, which has changed radically in recent years, also due to the effects of the pandemic.


Ethical and social commitment

Having an ethical and social commitment is one of the founding values of our Company, one that is shared by all shareholders, Management and employees. We firmly believe that sound business management stems from the implementation of concrete ethics, encouraged and supported on a daily basis. Three attributes describe our approach to internal and external relations: reliability, commitment and fairness.
Having been in this business for 100 years, we have built our reputation with constant commitment, offering our customers and suppliers tangible demonstrations of our reliability, on which to establish stable, transparent collaborations rather than mere commercial transactions.
We believe that business objectives can and should be reconciled with: respect for the rights of workers, to whom we offer comfortable working conditions, continued professional development and remuneration in line with national collective bargaining agreements; respect for our suppliers, from whom we buy the best fruit and raw materials at a fair price and whom we pay within the agreed deadlines; respect for the needs of customers, who tackle an increasingly global and competitive market with high demands for quality, competitive prices and fast turnaround times.
We are also committed to creating value and wellbeing for our local territory by promoting as short a supply chain as possible and complying with the strictest regulations in terms of environmental emissions, energy savings and the recycling of waste. We renew our commitment continually at every level of the Company, so that all this can be achieved effectively. We encourage a policy of fairness and transparency in all internal relations between employees and in all external dealings with customers and suppliers, leading to a better, more productive work environment and mutually satisfying business relationships.


Obtaining high-quality products at the right market price is a primary goal for any production activity, and that requires careful process engineering, synergistic collaboration across all Company sectors, and constant control of incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products.
Over the years, we have obtained and continue to hold numerous system and product certifications ensuring the value, hygiene, safety and quality of our essential oils and citrus juices. We continue to make investments in technologies and innovations to reduce errors and ensure the traceability of our production cycles, and yet our most important investments are in our human capital, in training specialist resources who develop products tailored to the customer’s needs and perform hundreds of quality controls daily through visual inspections and analytical laboratory analyses.